These are our current services we offer. (864) 423-1144

Basic Diagnosis Want to know what is wrong with your computer/tablet/phone? Bring it in and we will give you a price to fix it. FREE
Tune Up This package includes 3 separate virus scans, registry cleaning, bloat-ware removed, temp. files deleted, and much more. Guaranteed to speed your computer up. $75.00
OS Reload This package includes backing up your files, and formating your computer back to how it was when you first got it. This includes all necessary drivers, Windows updates, virus protection, and optional recommended programs. No CD's are needed, as we already have everything we need. $90.00
Screen Repair This includes replacing LCD's, glass, digitizers, etc. on laptops and smartphones. Mainly iPhones, and Android devices. $60.00 + Part
Service Call Do you need a technician to come out to your house or business? We provide support up to 10 miles from our location. $60.00 / Hour
Website Design Do you need a website? We do hosting, domains, designing, and more. Call today for a quote. $75.00 / Hour
Data Recovery Need files recovered off a broken computer or laptop? Bring it by and we will see what we can do. $45.00
Custom PC We build quality machines for less. Call or come in today to get a quote on a build. $150 + Parts
Small Things Need help picking out a part? Need help installing RAM or a PSU? Bring it down to the shop and we will help you out. FREE
Ordering Parts Need something ordered from Newegg/TigerDirect, but don't want to deal with the shipping, warranty, or wondering if it's the right part? We will take care of it. $10.00 + PART

Business Related Services

Basic Service Call

Perfect for when there is an issue, but you don't want to unplug anything. We come to you! This includes printer troubleshooting and installation, new computer setup, hardware installation, email troubleshooting, laptop screen repair, networking and internet connection issues, and much more. Give us a call to see if a service call is right for you. We bring all necessary tools and parts and do all services on site. Setup your appointment today!

Data Backup

Has your data been backed up recently? We provide businesses and individuals with an all in one data backup solution. We set you up with your own portable storage drive and set your machine to backup your data on a schedule that makes sense. We also offer weekly off-site data backups for a low monthly fee. We make sure your data stays safe in case of emergencies. Call now to see if our data backup service is right for you.

Website Design

We build custom websites, and design graphics to fit your needs. We do not use 'templates' like many other companies do. We build our sites from scratch. We allow for any amount of revisions, until you're satisfied! For a low monthly fee, we offer unlimited revisions as well as hosting and a domain name. We also offer Google Business services to get your business listed on Google for free. Get a website that stands out today.

Adwords Campaign

Are you wanting to advertise to a specific demographic and area? For a low monthly fee, we will create and manage your Google Adwords campaign. You choose your daily budget, and let us do the rest. Guaranteed to boost sales and help customers find you before the competition. Give us a call today to learn how it works.

Electronics Recycling

Do you have old computers and electronics laying around but worried to throw them away due to someone stealing your data? Give us a call today to have your electronics professionally recycled. We make sure all data is completely erased using a 'data shredding' process. Gauranteed to be unrecoverable.

And much more!

Not sure if we can help? Give us a call and we will make sure to answer any of your questions. We perform most repairs on-site, and come prepared with all parts and tools necessary to get the job done. We provided many business solutions such as vinyl stickers for signage, windows, vehicles, etc. Set your appointment up today with just one call.